Democrats, you built this. Now live in it.

Most of us who supported Trump during this election cycle did so fully aware of the fact that the Republican establishment was going to collapse as a result.  According to liberals, it collapsed years ago.  Ironically, it was this same collapse that Democrats used as an example of why Donald Trump wasn’t a proper fit for the presidency.  Does this make any sense?  No.  We wanted the Republican establishment to fall, because it was a cancer, and it did.  You, on the other hand, wanted it to fall because they weren’t Democrats.

So now that the biggest upset in political history is upon us, what do we see from progressives?  Anger, hatred, name-calling, more finger-pointing (at anyone but themselves) and the usual fallback insults of “racist!”, “xenophobe!”, misogynist!”, “uneducated!”, “homophobe”, and “redneck!”.

Well, let me say this– the concession of Hillary Clinton and the words expressed by President Obama were both incredibly kind given the tense atmosphere of this campaign year.  Trust me, I had very low expectations for both of those statements this morning and thought they would provide me with material to write about for weeks on end…but they hit it out of the park.  If you do not emulate them, you’re foolish.

If those of you still in tears over Election Night can’t find it within you to realize that yes, despite Hillary being an incredibly flawed candidate, that maybe you had something to do with this failure, then this New Yorker non-redneck has but two words:  Fuck off.

After months of ignoring the country and casting anyone with a differing opinion aside as some, or all of those quoted insults listed above, you were so damn full of yourselves that you missed the reality that was revealing itself to you with each and every passing minute.  That Hillary- the most corrupt woman to ever participate in American politics- was your choice.  That she, and your party, concocted schemes to undermine and defeat the only Democratic candidate who resonated with you and you all did nothing.  I despise Bernie for his politics, but I’ll give him credit for being genuine and you all leaped at the opportunity to screw that poor guy over. Worse, you refused to hold him accountable after he caved and took the bait of the corruption fishing hook, and you lacked the guts to push back against the DNC for its treachery.

You sat around for two, entire Obama Administrations and pretended that the consistent failures weren’t failures at all.  Your prices for goods and property rose, but you refused to blame him for undermining free markets.  You lost the healthcare plans you were told you could keep, but you claimed to know better about the healthcare plans of every American because the President told you that that’s what you were supposed to think.  You watched as minority community after minority community continued its societal decline and you couldn’t fathom for a millisecond that maybe you were had by the black guy who fed you shimmering promises of hope and change.

All the while, you called Trump’s equally frustrated people deplorable.  You called them uneducated.  You pulled out every -ism and -ist card in the book.  You gloated at them from your high perches of mediocrity.

Progressivism is a religion practiced by a faithful that cares little for the empirical evidence that contradicts it, or the status quo.  Unlike other world religions that seek to encourage participation, and draw newcomers to it, your religion speaks only in tongues of exclusion and fear.  Try talking about race with someone by starting off your arguments with “you’re white, so you were born racist” or “I’m black, so I can’t be racist”, and let us know how far you come in the quest to change the hearts and minds you claim to be so fond of.  Try cozying up to your bullshit bachelor’s degree, the hundred-grand worth of debt it brought you, and your rubbish job and just try to call a 23 year old who has served in the military for six years and has deployed to war zones twice that they’re the “uneducated” ones.

Where is your God now?

I have spent countless hours on the internet, on Facebook, in real-time discussions, and on this blog focusing on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, famous activists, and other progressives as if they were enemies but I was wrong– after this whole time, that enemy was you.  You fought a war against an idea that was resilient to your snobby insults, to your pompous huffs and puffs, to your incessant demagoguery, to your do-nothing social justice warrior-ing, and to your ideals that engrained within you the ridiculous notion that by wanting more freedom, or by wanting to break from the top-heavy establishment, that we were the thoughtless and greedy ones.  That we were the selfish.

We all heard you loud and clear.  We listened and noted your insults, your obsessions with elitism, and the lobster risotto loving schmucks who enabled your doomsday cult.  You were the enemies this whole time- we hope you at least enjoyed the Kool-Aid.

You elected Donald Trump.  Remember that– because we sincerely thank you.

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