Democrats, you built this. Now live in it.

Most of us who supported Trump during this election cycle did so fully aware of the fact that the Republican establishment was going to collapse as a result.  According to liberals, it collapsed years ago.  Ironically, it was this same collapse that Democrats used as an example of why Donald Trump wasn’t a proper fit for the presidency.  Does this make any sense?  No.  We wanted the Republican establishment to fall, because it was a cancer, and it did.  You, on the other hand, wanted it to fall because they weren’t Democrats.

So now that the biggest upset in political history is upon us, what do we see from progressives?  Anger, hatred, name-calling, more finger-pointing (at anyone but themselves) and the usual fallback insults of “racist!”, “xenophobe!”, misogynist!”, “uneducated!”, “homophobe”, and “redneck!”.

Well, let me say this– the concession of Hillary Clinton and the words expressed by President Obama were both incredibly kind given the tense atmosphere of this campaign year.  Trust me, I had very low expectations for both of those statements this morning and thought they would provide me with material to write about for weeks on end…but they hit it out of the park.  If you do not emulate them, you’re foolish.


Above the Law

Director of the FBI, James Comey, delivered an address in July regarding the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private e-mail during her tenure as Secretary of State.  Now that the FBI has cleared her a second time days before the election- which isn’t all that surprising given her history of evading legal repercussion- I wanted to speak on this subject from the perspective of an intelligence professional that continues to serve the nation in such a capacity, while holding in a lot of animosity over it and how it has been handled publicly. (more…)

A new American era.

Folks, it looked bad for awhile there for Donald Trump but just look at what a difference a few weeks can make in the world of politics!  The sponge of Clinton corruption finally hit the point of saturation (it’s a really big sponge), and now the media- try as it might- cannot do a thing to stop it.  People on Reddit are better at spreading the news than the people who are being paid for, and have made careers out of delivering the news.

As someone who served in the military in a position that required a security clearance, something needs to be said about WikiLeaks.  After the NSA leaks (which I’ve never looked at), I held a great deal of contempt for Julian Assange and his crew.  For one, I have worked with many of the programs mentioned in those leaks, and know that not only were they horrifically misunderstood, but their exposure to the public really messed with our capabilities as a whole within the Intelligence Community.  In this regard, I cannot sympathize with the WikiLeaks mission entirely and I cannot support them unequivocally.  However, I can get over all of that knowing how the general public could never be in a position of total understanding and I know that their concerns were genuine. (more…)