On last week’s Toure incident

For years now I have been telling friends that one of my life goals is to become famous and get featured on  After coming home last week one afternoon from work and seeing my Twitter exchange with MSNBC’s Toure go somewhat viral– hitting Twitchy, the Daily Caller, the blogs of multiple progressive low-life lacktivists (word I just made up…just think about it for a second), and even The Blaze– I can safely say that fame is something I no longer wish to have.

Screw that.  It’s not fun, it’s not enjoyable, and even though I barely even experienced 1/100th of 1% of what your average celebrity must experience every day when they leave their house or apartment, I can confirm that it is not that awesome.  I write on this website anonymously– not to “hide”, but because I do not believe that the concept of liberty needs to have a face or a figurehead.  I do not claim to speak for the whole, but rather I write as a voice offering a different perspective on some of the topics we often hear about daily in newspapers or on television.  My goal is to examine issues from a new angle– an angle often dismissed, or shunned by people of prestige, power, and influence.  People exactly like Toure– and they have been doing it for a long, long time.  I get brash, and I make some very real statements which I deem to be true.  I do not exist in a position of power like Toure does, and he should have known better than to get so careless about how he tried to inject race into something that he had to know was going to segue into an all-out rage from the Twitterverse.  He brought that on himself.  I on the other hand do not have anyone to answer to, and do not owe anyone a toned-down, or more “sensitive” approach to the topic of race in America.  Plenty of brave souls have tried that, and every single one of them has been summarily ignored and labeled a racist by the militant left.

If I’m going to be labeled ‘racist’ for what are arguments against racism, and accusations that the nation’s progressive contingent is perhaps the most relentless band of racists this nation has ever known, I sure as hell won’t be the “nice” guy while doing so.

I addressed this via Twitter, but I most definitely understood what Toure meant when he initially replied to me with “The power of whiteness”, after I mentioned the story of my grandfather and his surviving imprisonment in Dachau.  Had I expected the fire to ignite like it did (I only found out about it via a Facebook message from a friend, hours after its beginning), I might have stuck around and made note of a few facts for people:  that I was not Jewish, as many outlets claimed, that I understood Toure was talking about my family’s “white power” and how that helped us after coming to the States, and so on.  But you know what?  In hindsight, this worked out just fine.  Toure has been making brash statements about race for years now, and if he were a white guy pulling such nonsense, he would be fired or asked to resign.  He would be the Donald Sterling of MSNBC, except he wouldn’t get a $2 billion severance check.

But I am not writing this post to simply recall the events of last week in detail– a week in which for the first time ever, Toure just stopped using Twitter for days on end, which I can only assume was evidence of his bosses figuring out the best way to approach the fallout from his irresponsible tweeting.  The truth is, I didn’t even expect an apology (and didn’t get one, though he did make one to the general public a few days ago), nor did I want one.  I believe in the concept of free speech, for everyone, and in every medium in which that speech exists.  What I find a ridiculous amount of irony in, however, is how people like Toure will praise the firing of television personalities, or support forcing people to sell their basketball teams, yet they will talk themselves out of problems (or just tweet their way out of them) as if there is no measure of equivalence between these differing brands of supposed “hate”.  I will continue to call people out who persist in abusing their power and privilege in the media, just as Toure does, while doing so much to trample on the freedoms of others– and typically in the name of “freedom”, or “equality” at that, which is laughable.

But moving on–

I wanted to address my position from my tweet to Toure first, and discuss the motivation behind it.  I read a lot of criticism about it, and a lot of ridiculous conjecture as to what I “meant”, for example, when I capitalized the word “LEGALLY”, and make things more clear.  Here’s the tweet for reference:

Toure, as usual, was pushing some bullshit idea– this time by promoting an article about the concept of white privilege, reparations, and its applicability in today’s America.  The truth is I didn’t even read the article he posted.  Why?  Because Toure has a long and well-documented history of bashing white people and drumming up race wars via Twitter, or during his time on television, and I didn’t need to reference some random article he skimmed to understand the motivation behind his support of something like reparations.  The justifications for any kind of reparation-based system, regardless of what they were, did not matter to me– I cannot even tell you who wrote the article, and I won’t be able to tell you anytime soon.  I just don’t care.  This was about Toure and his incessant race-baiting- and that’s it.  Also, and just to fit the explanation in here, I only referenced my family’s “LEGAL” immigration to the States so as to bolster the legitimacy of it, and not to claim that people fleeing to the States for other reasons have done so illegally…though millions obviously have, and still do.

My statement to him was about responsibility.  In other words, I was asking what hand my family played in the many atrocities committed against people of color from our nation’s past– how in the run up to some of our most trying times post-slavery, my family wasn’t involved in the rape, murder, house burning, and segregation of black people (that was all done by Democrats), rather, they were either imprisoned in Dachau (which was where my grandfather found himself during the war as a prisoner), or running from Nazis, and even the Soviets.  My issue with not just Toure’s promotion of reparations, but of the “race card” in general, comes down to how such tactics are entirely abstract, passively blameless, and entirely responsible for the “blame everyone but yourself” mindset that progressive culture creates.

The crazy thing here is this:  if people made an argument about “white privilege” in a way that did not a.) blame people with absolutely zero connection to our country’s dark past for it, b.) belittle those who accepted no help from the government and still made things work, or c.) entirely excuse people who just might not be that good at something, skilled enough at something, or determined enough to pave their own way, we might actually have a conversation where we look at the problem as one we would love to lend a hand towards solving together.  As it stands, the idea of “liberty” is a no go in bridging that divide, and even people like Toure have claimed that “jobs aren’t the answer for unemployment” (I’m paraphrasing because the position is too stupid to devote time towards Googling for the actual quote, but yes, that’s what the man said).  None of the liberty movement’s (or as Toure would claim, none of the “extremist right-wing”) positions are good enough to help create equality, so what we are left with is an onslaught of government-heavy legislation which, intentionally, breeds dependence.  You know, I had to laugh when Toure tweeted a picture of him reading Rules for Radicals in first class during one of his recent trips– Toure isn’t man enough to be a radical, and he isn’t autonomous enough, or “colorblind” enough to imagine a world without the government holding the hands of the citizenry through every step down the path of life.  I called Toure out because he is ignorant, hypocritical, and gets a pass for just about everything he says– including what he said to me about the “power of whiteness”.  But more so, I monitor what he says and criticize him often due to his constant support of government-enabled dependence and despair.  Toure is the antithesis of radicalism.

I did not start this conversation with him expecting it to stretch into days of banter, inquiries from news media about my grandfather’s story, or to become a Twitter and blogosphere sensation.  I did not particularly love coming home to 700-1000 Twitter notifications, even though it was interesting to check out what people were saying about the incident, and it became tedious though the vast majority of it revolved around Toure’s condemnation from the public– something long overdue.  I write as a means of voicing an opinion that is too often dismissed, for all of the wrong reasons, by the country’s political and media elite.  One such “reason”, and often from the folks at MSNBC, is for the liberty movement’s “obvious racism”, which oddly enough goes without evidence just about every single time it is proclaimed.  I write to act as a vector from the sidelines, for other “little people”– those of us who might remain silent in the face of Facebook friends, coworkers, and relatives who speak with complete freedom because progressivism is “like sooo coool mannnnn“, and because they’re so into “like progress and not hate, maannnnnn“.

Progressivism is nothing more than a more academic term for “poser”.

Earlier I made reference to the term “lacktivist”.  In other words, an activist that lacks the substance necessary to make their end goals come to fruition.  This is the very definition of the American progressive.  Toure, Maddow, Harris-Perry, Matthews, Gore, Moore, deBlasio, Bloomberg (yes, Bloomberg), Matt Yglesias, Joan Walsh from, every single contributor to Think Progress, etc.  These are lacktivists.  They are individuals, often ridiculously privileged in their own right, with minds obviously intelligent enough and coordinated enough to find success and generate ideas, but their emotions enable them to do nothing more than consider their good intentions and “caring” to be all that is necessary for the eradication of the societal ills they simply cannot shut up about.  It is all talk, and no substance– and in five or ten years when the newest, progressive “caring” initiative fails, they figure out a way to convince the poor souls they are ritualistically screwing over that it’s the Republicans’ fault for not giving enough money to the cause.  For as much as progressives love to wail about the billionaire Koch Brothers (looking at you, Harry Reid), they sure do settle on “money” a lot as to the reason why their utopian, castle-in-the-sky fantasies never seem to pan out.

I did not create this discussion with Toure to minimize the severity of what slavery was, or to detract from the gaps in society something more recent like segregation has caused.  No shit there have been negative effects in the aftermath of those horrendous events– even effects which have spilled into, and influence the way we live our lives today.  But get this– they were all Democrat-created things.  Every single one of them.  And today, in my blog, I often discuss how the same “ownership”, dehumanization, and liberty-suffocating principles (which was in essence what slavery was) of the “old” DNC are very much alive and well in today’s DNC and its progressive, demagogue pulse.  I will continue to point this out, regardless of who I piss off and who it “insults”.  If this correlation startles you, then please consider how Democrats, in the decades since the New Deal, have run urban populations into the ground, into poverty, and continue to do so through today.  Please explain how our first black President, a man that was anointed as a political messiah as the savior of America’s downtrodden, and given Nobel Peace Prizes before even so much as lifting a finger, has managed to ensure those in the lower classes are only slipping deeper into the holes that either they, or society has dug for them– worse off than ever before.

But no– keep blaming the Koch brothers and “corporations”.  That’s the spirit.

Perhaps if I write enough of these blog posts, it will finally click in the minds of a few people that making the poor poorer is the intent and not the problem progressives are trying to solve.  Toure, or any of the other folks I have mentioned, might not see things this way anytime soon, but if by chance I influence just one person in a way that enables them to see things in a scope wider than the foolishly simplistic and infantile way they see things now, this entire hobby of mine can be considered a success.  At least by my own standards, anyway.

Until then, liberty needs to be promoted, every day and always.  Adherence to our founding traditions of republicanism, as a nation which allowed democracy to happen, needs to be exercised.  And when people of power seek to use their atrociously biased influence to ensure we continue to set our nation “back”, which is often what they claim to be fighting so vehemently against, they need to be called out.  It just so happens I have gotten tired of being labeled as ignorant or racist because I happened to be born a white male, into a family that has been successful– this is how I started to create public discussions about race.  And it is quite alarming just how often we allow people like Toure to slip race into the equation when there are so many good people in this world who go about their days not giving a shit about what color someone’s skin is.

Until next time, with liberty, and justice for all.

On Dr. Ben Carson

A year or so ago, Dr. Ben Carson came out of nowhere and became an internet sensation with his somewhat critical, yet classy speech delivered at the 2013 (2012?) National Prayer Breakfast.  The President did not seem amused by Carson’s words– at least not by the ones that seemed to take a jab at his (more so the DNC’s) stance on national level policy– and the eruption that took place afterwards across the internet, the news, and beyond, is testament to the power of Dr. Carson’s message.

But there is something that none of the media outlets mentioned in the aftermath of the speech; long after progressives realized that Dr. Ben Carson was a conservative and started to call him an Uncle Tom, or worse, in the ever-so-tolerant and “no hate!” way they always do…

I did not hear a single news source bring up the “why?” as to how Dr. Carson’s comments caught everyone so off-guard.  Perhaps for the left wing channels and websites, the truth, as usual, was simply too much to face (rather, it is much more likely that these news sources were simply continuing their tradition of ignoring real, and blatant racism on the parts of the people they so often worship like idols).  And perhaps for the right wing news outlets, the truth was just too controversial– something that should not be brought up after a prayer breakfast- an event meant to bring people of differing political beliefs together while they exist in a sharply divided D.C. environment.

But here’s the truth about what led up to that day.

Whoever decided to bring Ben Carson to the event to speak (and he had spoken at it before, too), figured that because Dr. Ben Carson was a black man, he was going to kiss President Obama’s ass and sing his praises.  That a black man would never— but for the few brave souls that hold positions in the Republican Party and are ignored 100% of the time when they speak about demagoguery, or the inherent racist nature of our welfare, taxation, and social system– ever, call the President’s decision making abilities into question.  No one even thought to mention that assuming a person holds certain opinions based on the color of their skin is, in fact, an example of someone being a racist.  Of what I could imagine were the hundreds of people involved in planning an event headed by the President, all paid by your tax dollars, not a single one thought to say “Hey, maybe Dr. Carson isn’t a big fan of the President’s policy and is going to use that time to take him down a notch.”

None.  Because if one person brought up the idea of screening Dr. Carson’s speech before the event, you can bet your bottom dollar that a different person would have been giving that invocation– perhaps a holy, and totally not-racist guy like the NAACP’s Person of the Year, Al Sharpton.  At the very least, we would have heard a very different speech from Carson; and it would have likely been a lot shorter, and at its conclusion he would have been required to direct everyone to’s “marketplace”.

Judging by a breakdown of voting trends over the past two elections, it might not be illogical to understand why someone would assume that a black person should side with a President who happens to share a similar skin tone.  Perhaps you could say that in the business that is Beltway politics, people have to go with their instinct, or pass judgment based on statistics.  But in assuming that a black man is automatically going to praise a man at a prayer breakfast– a man who is often looked upon like a deity by the 95% of African Americans that voted for him, or the 50+% of non-minority folks who voted for him to prove how “with it” and non-racist they were– is still a racist position.  You cannot hide from it, but it can most assuredly be hidden from becoming public knowledge.

And how is that accomplished? You unleash the Dogs of Racecard War, to “have the conversation on race” and to explain to all of the willing, naive servants called voters the “real history” of racism in America.  A history that has been skewed, strategically and effectively, by Democrats for ages– a lesson from people who can empathize with the oft universal plights of minorities in America; people like MSNBC’s Toure who know all about how it is while being raised in private boarding schools, and enjoying long afternoons before going on the air in personal offices pumped with ionized oxygen.  Da streets, man– they’re no joke.

There was a time in this country’s history when the problems that minorities often face were much less of a problem than they are today.  Oddly enough, this period of history occurred in the years most closely nestled next to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  When the country’s minorities were often called something else– “Republicans”.  It is unfortunate to imagine a future in which our children’s textbooks will be forced to point out that it took the election of our nation’s first black President to prove just how far removed we have become from actually giving a damn about the character of individuals and not the color of their skin.

Perhaps someone can get an advanced copy of that history book to whoever vetted Dr. Carson before inviting him to last year’s Prayer Breakfast.

More wordplay: Stupid lists, the word “reform”, and the word “inequality”.

A few weeks back, I wrote a pretty long post about some of the words liberals learned only a few years ago.  Of course much of what I write here is “snarky” (another one of those new words, actually), because one, I do not actually respect nor owe respect to the people I am criticizing and two, I work for myself as an independent writer and therefore I have no constraints with regard to what I choose to say or not say.  It’s up to me.  This isn’t MSNBC.  You can read it or not, be offended or not, and love me or hate me.  The choice is yours.  But yeah, if you find yourself in disagreement with me, I would be lying if I told you I didn’t look down on you and consider that you were an Obamatron 3000.  In other words, I kind of hate you.  Just a little, though.  That’s where my “snark” comes from.

So as the weeks have passed after the ACA mess, the White House’s press cult has had plenty of opportunities to open Photoshop, take pictures of their 26 year-old sons, and make all sorts of new, propagandist bullshit to flood Twitter, news ads, and print media in an effort to continue to fool all of the young, impressionable, and broke morons that voted, twice, in support of what it promised but never meant to do.  And thanks to these “hip” pictures, hashtagged-to-the-nines, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a few things about this game everyone keeps playing just down the road from my apartment.



What they’re not telling you is that this kid majored in Humanities, is 28, unemployed, and that this was taken at approximately 1:30PM local time today.  Oh, and his father is a Senator and those pajamas are Versace. (That was sarcasm by the way, and not an actual description of this guy.  [My mother told me I should note this])

First, it has become increasingly apparent that the White House knows very well that the public doesn’t have the required patience to read entire, five-sentence paragraphs.  Our politicians don’t even read their own legislation, so why should we read the paraphrased and usually inaccurate synopses of it from the Hill?  No, what we get are lists.  Whether they come at you from a website (likely funneled to that website via the White House), or in the form of a graphic, you don’t get sentences, you get bullets.  Mass media has taken note.


One time, my favorite former-Facebook friend “debunked the ‘myths’ about how Obamacare would fail” (this was easily over a year ago) by posting–you guessed it– a list from  In fact, it might have even been the link I just posted.  So I’ll post it again.  It’s from the White House— that must be impartial!

So to all of our future egalitarisociocommunitopian politicians out there, I say, when you’re looking to get your message out in 2114, simply post some pictures, or pictures of lists on social media websites, hiding all of that scary stuff you don’t want anyone to know about!  No one’s going to ask any questions!  FORWARD!

Second, future esteemed statesmen and future rezidents to the Office of the President Elect, if you want to scare everyone into believing change is not only necessary but that your survival is entirely dependent upon it, attach the word “reform” to everything.  REFORM ALL THE THINGS!


Note: “Office of the President Elect”, not actually a real thing.

In 2114 we’ll have come a long way since the Next-Gen Great Depression, the Affordable Care Act’s full repeal, and a handful of mini-recessions– more than enough to justify a complete and incompetent call for “reform!” to the nation’s healthcare system.  So, when only a small percentage of Americans find it difficult to secure insurance for themselves in the 22nd century, make sure you use the word “reform” all the time.  It works, and history will prove it works.  Competition?  Free markets?  Quality of care?  Pshhh.  Just leave those things off your list, silly!  The plan you had was a garbage plan anyway!!

For that matter, you can even attach “reform” to stuff that obviously doesn’t need any reforming whatsoever (though healthcare didn’t need reform in the 21st century, either).  Is Alaska not seeing enough revenue from tourism??  Cold Weather Resilience Reform!  YES we can!!


Solving everyone’s money problems via five minutes of Photoshop, the White House way. Too easy!

An offshoot of the arguments surrounding the various things we are looking to “reform” from the top-down is the argument that just about everything is an example of “inequality”.  When will someone just stand up, and shout that the best bet we have at seeing and knowing what equality is will be when the federal government sits down, shuts up, and stops trying to monopolize on everything with rush-job umbrella policies in the world’s most culturally diverse country?  I’m waiting for whoever that guy is– he (or she!  EQUALITY!) will be deserving of anyone’s vote.

The rise of the frequency in which we discuss “inequality” is entirely consistent with how we, with every year, are giving ourselves more and more credit for doing less.  Find yourself making less money than someone else?  You’re probably not producing as much, or as skilled as they are.  Find yourself paying much more for your health insurance than your lazy neighbor?  You probably get sick more often and use the health services provided by doctors and institutions more than they do.  Your bills are also probably more expensive for insurance companies to cover.  Being lazy might be a detriment, but it’s not a health condition!  Are you tired of how, in 2114, there will probably still be states that do not practice “marriage equality”?  Since it probably wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to estimate the divorce rate skyrocketing to 70, or 80 percent by then, how about we all just call it quits and admit that it’s about time the government removed itself from the concept of marriage entirely?  Then, how about we finally strip all of the benefits tied to it?  We’ve been spitting on the reasons behind those benefits for decades anyway– long before “marriage equality” could even be whispered in public.  Give that money to our troops.

Face the facts– as our voices get louder in the name of what we think we “deserve”, we enable the government to appease such rhetoric by giving those things out for nothing, on the dime of the taxpayer, to a society that is easily doing less than it has ever done before.  Then they call it a gift and hit you with a penalty if you don’t want it.  That’s not a gift as much as it is herpes.

Inequality, you say?  No.  As a society we are very much equal.  Equally full of ourselves, and equally gullible.

But hey, who am I kidding?  You probably didn’t even read this far given the absence of bullets.