A new American era.

Folks, it looked bad for awhile there for Donald Trump but just look at what a difference a few weeks can make in the world of politics!  The sponge of Clinton corruption finally hit the point of saturation (it’s a really big sponge), and now the media- try as it might- cannot do a thing to stop it.  People on Reddit are better at spreading the news than the people who are being paid for, and have made careers out of delivering the news.

As someone who served in the military in a position that required a security clearance, something needs to be said about WikiLeaks.  After the NSA leaks (which I’ve never looked at), I held a great deal of contempt for Julian Assange and his crew.  For one, I have worked with many of the programs mentioned in those leaks, and know that not only were they horrifically misunderstood, but their exposure to the public really messed with our capabilities as a whole within the Intelligence Community.  In this regard, I cannot sympathize with the WikiLeaks mission entirely and I cannot support them unequivocally.  However, I can get over all of that knowing how the general public could never be in a position of total understanding and I know that their concerns were genuine.

But let me be the first to say it now:  thank God for WikiLeaks, and what they’ve managed to come up with in the past month.  Could you imagine that we as a nation have been letting behavior like this slide, assuming it was just “not that bad”, for decades?  You can hate Trump all you want, but no politician has ever- EVER- motivated such a grassroots movement dedicated to bringing down the D.C. establishment.  This, friends, is long overdue.

Hillary Clinton is beyond flustered and her inner circle is buckling.  If they aren’t, they should be.  We are in the midst of watching the biggest political powerhouse collapse and it’s doing so in grand fashion.

We now know that President Obama knew all about her private server despite claiming, as he so often does, that he had only heard about it “on the news”.  We know that Hillary’s crew paid people to incite violence and commotion at Trump events (to include the mentally ill).  We know that she had e-mails deleted after a congressional subpoena was issued for them, and we learned that there were attempts to hide this by way of Executive Privilege through the White House.  We got even further insight into the laundering operation known as the Clinton Foundation and how HRC uses foreign cash to trade influence and favors.   There were attempts by the State Department to get the FBI to de-classify specific Clinton e-mails (via bribes), and direct communications between the Clinton campaign and the Department of Justice with regard to the ongoing e-mail investigation.  Donna Brazile- the DNC Chair and utter hack who blocked me on Twitter about a year ago- was caught sending Hillary debate questions not once, but twice, and she’s been forced to leave CNN as a contributor as a result (in other words, she was fired).

These are but a few of hundreds of damaging insights into this crooked woman and the way she and her husband do business, and there is still more to come.

At this point Hillary and her people are content with going into full damage control mode, though it’s really more like a firebombing.  She is now keen on saying pretty much anything to take stabs at Trump, like debunked stories about Trump running a private server that “communicates with Russia“.  She knows that when it comes to her followers- who are dwindling by the day, surely- that it really doesn’t make much of a difference whether or not the story is true.  She is that desperate.  Her fans, if you judge them based on their Twitter activity, also seem to think that Trump is about to face rape charges– the only issue with that is that the whole thing was bullshit and dropped months ago.  Just today we learned of a black church in Mississippi getting torched with the words “Vote Trump” sprayed on its wall.  This is a new bit, but it just screams of yet another Clinton scam job– there is no doubt that someone from Hillary’s crew, whether she knew about it or not, was behind it.

At this point, there’s just too much evidence to prove that there is absolutely *nothing* that is too low, or too out of the question for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s gestapo.  We know that Hillary supporters hate black people  (her people are all Democrats so their hatred of minorities comes quite naturally to them), that they’ll get dressed up as Disney characters on Clinton’s order to cause a scene at events, and that they’ll pay people to bully female Trump supporters.  There is nothing now, nor has there ever been anything that was too outlandish, absurd, or illegal for the Clinton crime family to throw a few bucks at (through secondary or tertiary sources, of course).

And that’s not about to change anytime soon.

But alas, there comes the outcry against all of this stuff from the few, the proud, the progressives who are so in love with being governed that they cannot fathom anything but a Hillary Clinton victory.  The most common claim being, of course, that the Republicans are probably conducting similar, shady business.

There is no shot in hell that they are.

It’s not for their higher morals or greater sense of right and wrong that Republicans aren’t doing all of this themselves.  It’s that they are simply incapable of being adept political schemers.  That’s not to say they wouldn’t if they could, but really, they can’t.  Corruption of this level requires help from every angle and when it comes to how today’s Republicans go about business, they’re often fighting their battles on their own.  The media as a whole deplores them, and let’s face it– many of the Republicans act a whole lot like Democrats anyway.  This is how Trump happened, after all.

Democrats bash Trump by claiming that Republicans are withdrawing their support for him- GOOD, it’s those same people who need to be banished from Washington, for good, in the first place.  At no point has Trump pretended to be a traditional Republican during this race and he isn’t going to pretend to be one now.  His acting unlike a Republican is what is going to see him through to his victory.  Oddly enough, Democrats bring this up both on the Hill and in the media as if they have some kind of respect or reverence for the GOP and its politicians.  They don’t.  They just have so little else to say at this point that this is the approach they must take.  Trump has liberals so screwy that they’re actually seeking common ground with Republicans on a moral level.  That is one hell of a positive step in seeing to it that the Washington establishment implodes.

Further, Hillary Clinton cannot shut up about Putin and this Russian hacker theory.  What is most shocking about this is that of any of the United States’ politicians, none have had more shady ties to Russia than she, and Hillary managed the brunt of that during her tenure as Secretary of State.  I can’t get into much detail of course, but as an intelligence professional there is something I can say here that for whatever reason just never gets mentioned in the media despite their frequent discussions with high ranking government officials and intelligence professionals: there would be no more of a desirable winner in this election, for Russia, than Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton.  She has already proven that she can be bought for a price, and in return for that cash she can provide global influence.  She has been apart of this song and dance many, many times.  Russia has no interest in someone that is deemed “unstable”, or “unworthy of the nuclear codes” (that’s not even how it works, morons, this isn’t The Rock), since its mission is to remain not only powerful in its region but in tact and not blown to bits by nuclear weapons.  It’s not that Trump is unstable– that’s little more than fear tactics of a desperate and frightened Clinton campaign and the White House– but if that is how Hillary & Co. feel about him, and if they knew anything about Russian intelligence and its government at all, they would understand that Trump would be the opposite of who the Russians would want to deal with as the American President.  They want someone who could be bought, like Hillary, or someone who is an utter weakling, like President Obama.

There has never been a high ranking American official as vulnerable to what is the fiercest and most aggressive foreign intelligence service in the world as Hillary Rodham Clinton.  All of the Russia talk from the Clinton camp exemplifies just how out of touch with reality she truly is.  I’ll leave it at that.

In the meantime, please do enjoy the fireworks.  I know I will.  This is history in the making, and while Hillary and other progressives care about little else but pandering to sexual organs or one’s skin color, Donald Trump is out there inspiring an uprising of the mind that will go forever unmatched.  Should he pull this off on November 8th, it’ll change the tide in this country for good and for the better, regardless of how he performs as Commander in Chief.  The system needed to take a pounding and we are but days away from the K.O.  We’ll be blessed as a nation if after that beating it is never afforded the opportunity to stand up again.



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